The National police forces have done great work and can look back with pride on its many achievements, especially at a time when the country was at the risk of the Covid-19 pandemic, said Minister of Interior Sar Kheng during the May 16 celebration of National Police Day.

In a letter marking the 77th anniversary of the founding of the National Police, Sar Kheng said the police had shouldered the burden of many crucial tasks and played a central role in guaranteeing stability, security and public order. They had fulfilled their obligations while actively fighting against the pandemic, he added.

According to the letter, the National Police had come into existence on May 16, 1945 under the auspices of the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk, with the aim of strengthening security and public and social order.

“Although Cambodia has maintained a good security environment, the police remain a leading force in guaranteeing peace for the people and protecting national security, which are the foundations of national development in all sectors,” it said.

Sar Kheng said that this year, the National Police must continue adhere to their mission to address the challenges posed by regional and global insecurity, as well as transnational crime. He singled out drug offences, human trafficking – especially the trafficking of women and children – and cybercrime for special attention, saying they still occurred and concerned the public.

“I firmly believe that the police force will continue to enhance its potential and grow with honour, dignity, and stand firmly as the pillar of security and social order, while serving the interests of the people and the nation under all circumstances,” he added.

National police chief Neth Savoeun expressed his deep gratitude to each of the nation’s officers, including those retirees who had made many brave sacrifices without consideration for their own happiness and lives, and who had made countless achievements for the cause of homeland security.

He said that in 2021, they had protected the safety of the public at 12,180 major national and international events.

He added that the security and social order situation has improved over time. Criminal offences had dropped six per cent. The number of road accidents had dropped 17 per cent, with fatal accidents down nine per cent and injuries 23 per cent.

He continued that this year, the global security situation continued to change in a complex ways, some of which may directly or indirectly affect the Kingdom. Over the next year, he noted, a number of national and international political events will be held in Cambodia.

“A number of challenges will continue to arise, so all police forces are required to remain attentive and alert. They must strictly implement every important plan, measure or campaign issued by the government and the interior ministry to guarantee a warm atmosphere of safety and security,” Savoeun said.