The National Election Committee (NEC) announced that on April 1 it will begin accepting applications for registration from national and international observers who intend to monitor the upcoming July parliamentary election.

In a March 31 press release, the NEC said the registration deadline for local observers is July 12. International observers must register by July 19.

It said all national and international NGOs wishing to observe the election should apply at the NEC headquarters in Phnom Penh. These sample registration applications are available free of charge on the NEC website.

Domestic observers who are approved by the NEC will receive ID cards that permit them to observe the electoral process in their respective capital and provinces.

International observers who are approved will be permitted to observe the entire election process at all stages and locations in the Kingdom.

The NEC expressed hopes that many domestic and international associations and NGOs will observe the 7th general election to ensure its success.

“The observers will have the chance to confirm that the election is held according to the laws, regulations and procedures in force, and that it is based on the principles of a multi-party liberal democracy,” it said.

The national election is scheduled to take place on July 23.