The National Election Committee is running a May 2-3 training session on election campaigning, said NEC deputy secretary-general and spokesman Som Sorida.

The course will be attended by 150 people, including representatives of political parties and civil society organisations, along with NEC leadership from the capital and 24 provinces.

Sorida said the training would ensure that all participants had a clear understanding of the main principles of campaigning, including ethics, timing, electoral principles and the placement of election observers.

“It is very important that all stakeholders are aware that the campaign period lasts from July 1 to July 21, and precisely what their rights and responsibilities are,” he added.

He noted that the NEC expected the training to contribute to a smooth, secure campaign period.

A May 1 NEC statement said seven political parties have so far been officially recognised, and allowed to register candidates for the 7th National Assembly Elections which will he held on July 23. The deadline for registration is May 8.

“NEC chairman Prach Chan led a review of the eight applications that have so far been received, with seven parties being approved. Candidates have now been registered by the Cambodian People’s Party, the Cambodian Youth Party, the

Khmer National United Party, Dharmacracy Party, Democracy Power Party, the Cambodian Nationality Party and the Khmer United Party,” it detailed.

The statement explained that the Khmer Conservative Party had not met the conditions required for registration, but still had the opportunity to resubmit its application.