With the general election four months away, capital and provincial electoral commissions across the country announced that they are recruiting 814 officials on short-term contracts.

In a March 4 notice, the National Election Committee (NEC) said it is seeking 411 public relations officers, 104 guards, 59 logistics officers, and 32 complaints department specialists.

It will also hire 25 individuals for each of the following roles: computer operators, accountants, cashiers, communications specialists and deputy chief of operations in charge of logistics.

Application forms are free, and available at www.nec.gov.kh (http://www.nec.gov.kh/). Applications will be accepted from March 9 until March 15.

“All candidates must be of Khmer nationality, with excellent morals and respect for the laws and procedures of the electoral process. They must have the right to vote, and be in excellent health,” said the notice.

“They cannot be monks or clergymen, or be employed as a court official or governor or councillor of any province, district commune or village,” it added.

Candidates may only apply for one position. Indigenous people and candidates with disabilities who are competent and physically fit enough for the position are encouraged to apply.