Minister of Interior Sar Kheng told new Pursat provincial governor Khoy Rida to strive for new achievements and improve the efficiency of work by his administration, while Rida himself pledged to prevent crimes in all forms and clamp down on illegal drugs within his purview.

Rida replaces Cheav Tay, who has been transferred to the ministry due to his health conditions.

Rida previously served as Pursat’s administration chief before being promoted to deputy governor. He was later reappointed as deputy governor of neighbouring Battambang province.

At the November 21 office-taking ceremony, Sar kheng instructed the new governor to further develop his sub-national administration.

“I hope that the new provincial governor will accomplish more great things and improve on the work done by his predecessor. I ask that the leadership and civil servants of the administration – as well as all stakeholders, including the residents of the province – cooperate with and support Rida,” he added.

Rida said the post would be a new test for him, adding that he would do his utmost to implement the guidelines laid out by the government to ensure peace, security, public order and national interests.

“I will strive for the effective implementation of the safe village-commune policy and work to prevent crime in the province, especially robbery, drugs offences, human trafficking and illegal gambling. We will maintain security, public order and political stability for our residents,” he said.

At the ceremony, he introduced several policies that he intended to pursue, particularly a campaign to beautify the province’s town and districts, and to raise the people’s living standards so that they could live in prosperity and harmony.

Cheng Lay, the acting governor of Pursat province, noted that the province had recently improved public order and recorded less offences.