In an ever evolving media landscape, The Phnom Penh Post remains a neutral, independent publication, one which takes great pride in its integrity and adherence to a strict code of ethics, striving to publish only facts.

The oldest English language newspaper in Cambodia, we have published a mixture of in-depth analysis, interviews with key players in the development of the Kingdom, and the latest breaking news since 1992.

The Post serves as a one-stop shop for the latest information on what is happening in Cambodia and beyond, who is driving progress and where the nation is heading, with accurate reporting on the latest business happenings and political developments, as well as news regarding sport, culture and arts, among others.

The expansion of its operations in the digital sphere are being driven by a series of informative breaking stories and carefully curated video pieces on items of special interest, as well as balanced opinion pieces and our reliable analysis of the latest developments throughout the country.

It can be taken as read that once something is published in The Post, it becomes a matter of public record, and we are widely utilised as an invaluable resource and point of reference for many domestic and international think-tanks, research programmes, and specialist agencies and institutions. Our factual reporting means we are a reliable arbiter of the truth, and can be employed as a base of argument to resolve many misconceptions about the nation, its people and its development.

Our dedicated staff’s deep research into the background of every piece we publish – and our extensive contact networks in key institutions, civil society organisations and the community – allows us to guarantee that we can delve into the facts behind the latest developments, so readers are ensured of a greater understanding of what is really happening in the Kingdom.

As such, The Post is recognised for its truthful reporting and analysis and has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally, for its in-depth investigative reporting into the stories that really matter.

Through its coverage of the latest socio-economic, human rights, political and business and economic developments, as well as those in arts and culture, The Phnom Penh Post has received more than 30 regional and international press awards for its reporting. 

The accuracy of our writing – and the close attention we pay to our production values, from initial reporting to subediting and layout – means The Post is widely employed as a tool for teaching the ins and outs of journalism, both in English, as well as in Khmer though our sister publication Post Khmer.

Our vibrant newsroom has traditionally served as an incubator for the latest journalistic talent, with many local and international reporters getting their start at The Post. 

A new generation of cub reporters, anxious to make their mark on the Kingdom’s media landscape, are currently learning all they can from our dedicated team, with many of them certain to go on to become household names in their own right.

Here at The Post, we recognise the crucial role of the Cambodian media in social development, the conservation of national resources, and the preservation of precious and unique Khmer culture. We remain dedicated to playing our part in the rapid development of the nation. 

An independent press is a vital symbol of an inclusive democratic society, and as such we acknowledge our responsibility to strengthen democracy and societal development. 

It is imperative that we collate ideas and perspectives, while offering rational analysis that mirrors the reality on the ground in Cambodia. In this way, The Post seeks to keep the public informed with the latest facts, disseminating swift, accurate information to all corners of Cambodian society.

We believe that we serve as a trustworthy watchdog supporting the country’s development through the sharing of factual, comprehensive and transparent knowledge, allowing each member of the Cambodian public to make well-informed decisions for themselves.

In this regard, we serve as a window through which the world can view an accurate picture of the true situation on the ground in Cambodia, and vice versa.

The staff at The Post are proud to have played their part in keeping Cambodia – and the world – informed for the past 32 years, and look forward to maintaining the respected media outlet’s proud reputation as the Kingdom’s publication of record.