The Ministry of Health had reported no new Covid-19 cases over three consecutive days from October 21-23, with only 30 patients remaining in treatment for the disease as of October 23.

Since the pandemic began up until October 23, Cambodia had recorded a total of 137,970 Covid-19 cases, with 134,893 recoveries and 3,056 fatalities.

Prime Minister Hun Sen lauded the development while visiting flood-afflicted Banteay Meanchey province on October 23.

“This is a success for Cambodia in controlling Covid-19 transmission and we are able to continue normal activities. This is the success of the vaccination policy,” he said.

Regardless, the premier cautioned that Covid-19 is still around and suggested that people continue to properly implement the health measures and make sure they are vaccinated.

“I call on all people to remain vigilant about the coronavirus. Although the level of Covid infections has been low of late, I still beg all of you to be vigilant and avoid getting infected because no one should get sick because of us. Each of us must protect ourselves and that way we can protect our families,” he said.

The prime minister added that everyone must keep practicing protective measures like washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance.

According to the health ministry, the Covid-19 vaccination rate in Cambodia as of October 22 was 95.08 per cent of the country’s total population of roughly 16 million people.

The ministry said more than 10 million people have received their third booster dose, over 4.4 million their fourth and more than one million their fifth.

In his push for people to get vaccinated against the disease, Hun Sen reiterated that vaccination does not cause any health problems; rather, it strengthens the immune system and makes it better able to fight off the virus.

He said the government has invested a lot of money in combating Covid-19, not only in treatments and vaccines for everyone, but also in providing social assistance to families affected by the pandemic.

“Cambodia’s vaccination policy is comprehensive, meaning that vaccines are not just given only in towns, but to people everywhere. Those living on the outskirts or in remote areas can still get vaccinated. Because of these vaccines, we can prevent the spread of the virus and deaths of our people,” he said.

Cambodia previously achieved a zero Covid-19 cases detected status for 52 consecutive days.