The General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression (CPCFR) is calling for a civil settlement for consumers who purchased Nutrilatt milk powder for their babies.

It is also asking the Ministry of Commerce to stop the distribution of the baby formula.

The CPCFR alleges the iron content in Nutrilatt is lower than the company’s declaration and international coding standards. It presented laboratory findings on Wednesday to back its claims.

The presentation was made by CPCFR director-general Phan Oun with participation from parents, representatives of Nutrilatt, WHO, UNICEF, Helen Keller International and representatives of the Maternal and Child Health Centre at the Ministry of Health.

Oun told The Post that six batches were analysed by Eurofins Food Testing Singapore Pte Ltd, an independent and internationally accredited laboratory in Singapore.

The results show the iron contained in the milk powder was lower than the company’s declaration and the Codex International Standard.

“We want a civil settlement for victims if the company agrees to deal with the parents of the affected babies. But if the company does not agree, we will send the case to court,” he said.

Oun said CPCFR would also advise commerce ministry officials to check the milk powder and confiscate the products.

Iron deficiency in infants who use this formula may lead to anaemia, fatigue and weak bodies, he said.

Oun said 16 families of infants have had problems after using the formula and asked CPCFR for a solution.

Liu Samnang, a mother of a baby who used the formula said her child is suffering from anaemia and severe iron deficiency. She said the parents have asked Health Minister Mam Bunheng to check the quality of the milk powder, but they didn’t get any result. They then turned to CPCFR.

“The parents of the infants have asked the company to take responsibility and publicly acknowledge the powder is iron deficient.

“The company should contact the National Pediatric Hospital and Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital to check and take responsibility for babies who suffered from the use of this milk powder,” she said.

Nutrilite Milk Powder Company issued a statement denying the results, claiming a number of irregularities.

“Nutrilite milk powder completely rejects the results of the CPCFR announcement. Nutrilatt observes a number of irregularities in the unilateral declaration of the results and the results are very different from those obtained by the company from the BVAQ Laboratory and the ALS Laboratory of Singapore,” its statement said.