The General Department of Immigration (GDI) of the Ministry of Interior has deported more than 100 foreigners of five different nationalities who were all determined to have been living and working in Cambodia illegally due to their lack of a visa or work permit.

The deportations come with a ban on entering Cambodia for any reason for the next three years.

A statement from a spokesperson of the GDI on December 2 stated that from November 30 to December 2, the GDI deported 104 foreigners from Cambodia, including 24 women.

The group of deportees consisted of two Indians, one American, two Laotians, four Chinese and 95 Vietnamese.

The deportations were carried out in accordance with the immigration law and those being deported were processed at the Phnom Penh International Airport or the Prek Chak International Border checkpoint in the case of the Vietnamese.

"104 foreigners have been arrested in connection with illegal visa overstays and working here in violation of the immigration law. The deportation orders were issued by the Ministry of Interior and those who were deported are banned from entering Cambodia for three years,'' the statement said.

Separately, Preah Sihanouk provincial administration said that from November 30 to December 2 the Provincial Administrative Unity Command conducted an operation to search a company building located in Group 9, Village 1, Commune III of Sihanoukville, based on "complaint no. 627" received on November 29 through the human trafficking hotline operated by the National Police.

The operation was led by Mang Sineth, deputy governor of the province, with the coordination of prosecutor Penh Piseth, deputy prosecutor of the provincial court.

The provincial administration said that after searching the location identified in the complaint to the tip line, the police found 223 foreigners, including 35 women, as well as some physical evidence related human trafficking.

The provincial administration added that the operation team searched and inspected the location of the building and the company found five Chinese complainants, but there was no evidence of torture or other methods of coercion.

The case is still under investigation and undergoing legal procedures. Authorities said more details about the case will be made available later after the police officers conducting the search of the site are able to make a determination as to whether and which crimes have been committed there.