In preparation for the upcoming three-day Pchum Ben festival in mid-October, the Ministry of Tourism has directed its departments across the country to collaborate with local tourism-related businesses to enhance food hygiene standards and maintain reasonable prices for products and services.

In his September 7 directive, minister Sok Soken emphasised the need to guarantee the quality of tourism offerings during the festival, which falls between October 13 and 15 this year.

Each tourism department is required to work with all institutions and stakeholders to conduct thorough checks on products and services.

“All accommodation, food, and other service prices must be clearly displayed to inform guests in advance and prevent excessive pricing. Business owners who do not publish their rates will be held accountable before the law,” he said.

The minister urged the departments to collaborate with the ministries of environment and health as well as other relevant authorities to educate business owners, street vendors, residents and tourists alike about the importance of food safety and hygiene.

He also reminded the operators of water taxis, cruise ships and other waterborne vessels of their responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers, instructing them not to overload their vessels and to make sure that all necessary safety equipment is provided.

The National Committee for Organising National and International Festivals has also instructed authorities at all levels to educate the public about the cultural significance of this important Cambodian festival.

“People must act as responsible Buddhists and refraining from activities that dishonour their faith. This includes throwing water, sugar cane, fruit or other objects that disrupt social order and could potentially lead to accidents,” it said.