The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has launched a pilot project offering online administrative services in four significant sectors.

The initiative was announced on September 6 and will be conducted through the One Window Service Office (OWSO).

Municipal governor Khoung Sreng explained that the pilot will cover the fields of industry, science, technology and innovation, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, culture and fine arts, as well as tourism.

“The aim is to transition into the digital age, thereby expediting public services, reducing costs and saving citizens’ time,” he said.

San Chey, executive director of the NGO Affiliated Network for Social Accountability, expressed support for the move, but raised concerns about technical glitches.

“While the initiative saves time and aligns with modern technology, what happens when there is a technical issue? Is there a quick response mechanism?” he asked.

Chey recommended the creation of a dedicated Telegram team to assist residents with queries and provide guidance on how to access services digitally.

As well as the online provision, the administration announced that citizens could still obtain services in-person at the OWSO at City Hall. Those interested in the internet-based services should create an account on the OWSO website, following each step and attaching the relevant documents as instructed, it added.