The former president of the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly Park Byeong-Seung said he would help boost Cambodia-Korea bilateral relations and mobilise funds to help with mine action in the Kingdom. He also said he would encourage South Korean investors to invest in Cambodia.

Park Byeong-Seung met with Prime Minister Hun Sen on January 11 at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh.

During the meeting, Park Byeong-Seung recalled that Hun Sen used to request his help with three things: The Cambodia-South Korea Free Trade Agreement, providing loans for construction of the Cambodia-Korea friendship bridge and increasing the quota for Cambodian migrant workers to Korea.

Park Byeong-Seung said the two first requests were successful, while the number of Cambodian migrant workers to South Korea had increased by 40 per cent recently.

He said that what remains to be done is boosting Cambodia-Korea bilateral relations, finding funds for mine action and encouraging Korean investors to invest in Cambodia because the Kingdom has a good investment environment.

He said the investment environment includes a large and youthful labour force of good quality, the use of US dollars and the benefits of the Cambodia-ROK Free Trade Agreement, all of which makes it attractive for expansion of investment across several sectors.