Following a public outcry, prominent comedian Neay Kroeun has vowed an end to his advertising work for an online gambling company. He has also cancelled an upcoming campaign for a well-known alcohol producer.  

Kroeun, one of the Kingdom’s most popular comedians, recently played a major role in an advertising campaign for an online gambling website, drawing wide-spread criticisms from Cambodian social media users in recent days.

On February 12, he took to his official Facebook page and issued a promise to the public that he will never endorse anything which harms his beloved Khmer society again. He also announced that he had broken the contract with the company.

He added that he has also torn up a contract, worth tens of thousands of dollars, for an upcoming advertising campaign for a local alcoholic beverage manufacturer.

“I hope my video clip will calm you all down, and allow you to forgive me. From today on, you will never see me promoting gambling or alcohol for the rest of my life,” he promised.

In recent months many social policy specialists and experts have identified a link between the promotion of gambling and compromised social security, as well as negative effects on the government’s safe village-commune policy. 

While the number of traffic fatalities has dropped in the last 10 years, the road toll remains high, with driving under the influence of alcohol considered a major factor in many fatal cases.