Preah Sihanouk provincial governor Kuoch Chamroeun urged members of the Prek Ta Sok ecotourism community in Doeum Thkov village, Koh Rong commune of Koh Rong town to focus on creating more job opportunities for the islanders to improve their livelihoods.

Chamroeun made the suggestion during a January 23 inspection of the O’Bei Choan natural tourism site in Prek Svay village and the Prek Ta Sok ecotourism community.

The provincial administration said the Prek Ta Sok ecotourism community stretches along 20ha of a canal. The community is being converted into a natural tourist area in Koh Rong, and will soon be free of plastic pollution.

During the inspection, Chamroeun instructed members of the community to designate the area as a plastic-free zone to attract more tourists and create more jobs.

“As the mangrove forest is a tourist attraction, we need to utilize it for the development of the country. You also need to prepare handmade souvenirs, as they will be an additional source of income,” he said.

He instructed commune and town authorities – and local residents – to pay close attention to preserving the forests.

“They will serve as a domestic tourist attraction, especially to tourists from Europe, as they like eco-tourism,” he said.

“During domestic and international holidays, many guests visited the island and were struck by the beauty of the area. With its fresh air and clean environment, it is an excellent destination for family holidays,” he added.

Chamroeun also voiced his support for the establishment of the Prek Ta Sok ecotourism community and advised community leaders to make efforts to complete the conversion of the location into an attractive eco-tourism destination.

“This site is rich in mangrove forests, which grow naturally. While protecting and preserving these forests, we also need to work together to grow more mangrove saplings,” he said.

The Prek Ta Sok ecotourism community opened late in 2021, and hopes to encourage more visitors to fall in love with the environment and participate in conserving the Kingdom’s unique natural resources.