Preah Sihanouk provincial governor Kuoch Chamroeun issued a recent public reminder to provincial road users, noting that too many lives were still being lost on the roads of the coastal province.

His warnings came on May 18, during a real estate ownership certification ceremony for people in Village 1 and Village 2 in Stung Hav district’s Kampenh commune.

“Despite the best efforts of the authorities to educate people, traffic accidents are still occurring, and lives are still being lost. In January, eight people were killed on the roads, with 13 passing away in February and an additional seven in March. April saw eight people lost to their families forever. So far this month, 10 people have already died,” he said.

“Please, I urge the public to wear seatbelts and use motorcycle helmets, and respect the rules of the road – and each other. This advice is especially important if you have been drinking alcohol. Do not drink and drive,” he added.

Min Manvy – secretary of state at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and secretary-general of the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) – sent a May 18 message to all road users, reminding them to exercise caution and protect themselves and their families by following the Kingdom’s traffic laws.

“Do not drive at high speed, respect the right of way, and always make sure the way is clear before driving through an intersection. It is important to respect traffic lights and other signage and keep to the right. People should inspect their vehicles regularly, and should never drive when they are fatigued or under the influence of alcohol,” she said.

During the land title distribution ceremony, Chamroeun also used the forum to encourage people to resolve land disputes outside of the court system, in accordance with the government’s win-win policy.

He also noted that registered land makes such disputes far less likely, and makes all transactions involving land much simpler.

He thanked those present for accepting the new titles, while urging them to keep the physical documents safe.

“When there have not been disputes, we have been able to issue land titles in an efficient manner. In Kampenh commune, we have now issued almost 500 land titles to families in Village 1 and Village 2. Their land is now safe and secure,” he said.

Cheng Srong, director of the provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadastral Affairs, reported that his specialist teams have issued land titles for 465 out of 489 plots of land in the two villages.