From 2003 to 2022, the Prey Veng Provincial Administration had issued nearly 700,000 land titles to residents of the province.

Speaking at a press conference on the province’s achievements of the past five years, held at the Council of Ministers on March 22, governor Chea Somethy said the provincial hall is committed to accelerating this work and finishing it in the near future.

Regarding land management, he said the provincial administration has issued a total of 669,368 land titles to residents across all 13 district-level regions, in 874 villages of 100 communes.

In the five-year period, from 2018-2022, the provincial administration has issued 177,759 land titles.

He said authorities are committed to speeding up this work, especially to resolve land disputes outside the court system.

Eng Pheng An, director of the provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadastral Affairs, noted that officials have completed the registration of land in three districts – Ba Phnom, Preah Sdech and Svay Ontor – and are continuing measurement works in other districts.

Regarding the work of resolving disputes outside the court system, the provincial administration said it had received 249 complaints, with 213 cases resolved, 21 ongoing and 15 dismissed.

To ensure the security of land tenure, respect for the rights of the people on land issues and to improve people’s living standards according to the government’s policy, the provincial administration said it would expedite the registration of land throughout the province as soon as possible.