At his October 20 re-inauguration as president of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia (BAKC), Ly Chantola called for support for the implementation of policies which would target 13 priorities he has identified.

“For my second mandate, in order to sustain the progress of the work of the bar association and to continue to enhance the excellence and prestige of the legal profession, I want to see the active support of the members of the Bar Council in 13 areas,” he said.

He said the first priority is to continue the work of the association. Next, the BAKC should contribute to justice and judicial reform. Third, they must strengthen the internal regulations and decision making of the association. He said he will continue to review and discuss the statutes related to layers to ensure their interests are protected.

The fifth priority is to make sure that members of the legal vocation are protected by existing laws. It is just as important to monitor any lawyers who do not follow the rules of the association. His sixth priority is to conduct a review of the Bar Councils disciplinary mechanisms.

As a seventh priority, he requested continued discussions related to the exercise of lawyers’ rights at the judicial police stage. His eighth is the pursuit of legal action against those who practised law illegally, with the ninth being a review of the mechanisms employed by the association to award medals to members who have achieved outstanding results.

His 10th priority is making sure that the association’s pro bono consultation and defence services for the poor remain an important part of the Bar function. He also intends to promote and mainstream awareness and recognition of the role of lawyers in society, both nationally and internationally.

He 12th priority is the continuation of workshops, study exchanges and training sessions in order to strengthen the skills of all members. The last priority in his second mandate is the expansion of national and international cooperation with their partners and counterparts.

Kim Rothnarong, a member of the association, said the 13 work priorities set by Chantola for his second term are well thought-out in line with his stated goal of contributing to society.

“There are several points which relate to the strengthening of our profession. There are also some which focus on our pro bono work for the poor, which is one of the things we do to try to benefit society,” he said.

Rathnarong added that Chantola’s first mandate had focused on strengthening the profession and ensuring that all members respected the ethics and professionalism that their roles demanded.

“I support his decision making and will participate in implementating the priorities he has laid out,” he said.

Chantola won re-election on October 16, with 98.58 per cent of the available votes. He said the results of the election show that BAKC members have trust and confidence in his leadership, and believed it was thanks to his successful first term. He thanked the Bar Council members for supporting his policies and participating in the association’s activities.