The National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the South Korean Environment Corporation of the Korea Water Cluster (KWCC) – a federal agency for technical relief – to develop clean water systems for remote rural areas that are prone to natural disasters.

The agreement was signed on May 2 by Kim Virak, secretary-general of the NCDM, and Park Seok-hun, delegation chairman of the KWCC.

NCDM spokesman Soth Kim Kolmony said the humanitarian project would develop water filtration systems for families who are vulnerable to natural disasters.

“The project will be piloted in Pursat province, in a village where more than 600 veterans and their families live. It will expand across the country from there, with a clear focus on serving remote locations,” he explained.

“As this project is a humanitarian one, it will be free of charge to the families we help,” he concluded.

Virak addressed the signing ceremony, noting that Cambodia is particularly affected by climate change.

“Many communities are facing water shortages, whether for agriculture or their daily use,” he said.

He explained that making sure people have access to clean water is a priority, particularly during natural disasters.

“Natural disasters are being accelerated by climate change. Clean water is extremely important for saving lives during an emergency situation.

“We believe that the pilot will be a success, as we are all prepared to hard to make it one. I expect that this cooperation will lead to additional initiatives and projects in the future,” he added.