Two Russian tourists were detained on Saturday for taking photos in “sexy clothes” in the Angkor Archaeological Complex in Siem Reap, according to an Apsara Authority spokesman.

Sergei Bratskii and Verginiya Stanislaven were detained by Heritage Protection Police at the Preah Khan temple inside after they clicked photos in revealing attire that affected the “culture and civilisation of Cambodia”.

Apsara spokesman Long Kosal confirmed the arrest and that the duo had been released after being warned not to repeat the offence.

“This is not a serious case. They can continue visiting, and we told our agents to keep an eye on them in case they do so [again],” he said.

Last month, 10 foreigners were arrested in Siem Reap for “pornographic dancing” at a pool party in Siem Reap. Just one of the accused is still awaiting trial on charges of “producing pornography”.

Additionally, the Apsara Authority yesterday said there had been 100 cases of inappropriate activities in the park in January, including people flying drones, wearing revealing clothing or making inappropriate gestures in photographs.