Interior Minister Sar Kheng has requested that the Vietnamese police continue to offer training to Cambodian police cadets, in order to strengthen cooperation between the police forces of the neighbouring countries.

Sar Kheng on April 24 met with 241 Cambodian police officers who are undergoing training at several facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In a social media post, he thanked the leadership of the universities and the People’s Police Academy of Vietnam for their support of Cambodian officers. He expressed his appreciation to the Vietnamese government and Ministry of Public Security for their excellent cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior.

“The interior ministry’s human resource development efforts do not just include members of the National Police, but also prison authorities and civil servants. This includes the establishment of the National School for Local Administration,” he added.

He was confident that the trainees would study hard and acquire knowledge that would aid them in better serving the Kingdom and its people.

“Don Minh Ly, director of Vietnam’s Faculty of Public Security, agreed to the minister’s request, saying that both sides were committed to strengthening training cooperation,” said the interior ministry.

Am Sam Ath, deputy director at rights group LICADHO, said on April 25 the request for training support was a wise one, as the Cambodian police need to develop their ability to investigate and combat transnational crimes, including the trafficking of humans and drugs.

“This cooperation is excellent, as it will lead to improved professionalism and closer cooperation on border offences,” he added.

He believed both sides should further strengthen cooperation on human trafficking and illegal border crossings, to guarantee safety, security and order in the two nations.