Minister of Interior Sar Kheng instructed deputy governors in charge of the role of spokesperson to more actively perform their duties and improve communications with other units to provide more comprehensive information.

He said the government needs to disseminate information to bridge the gap between government and the people.

The instructions came as he presided over a meeting on “information strategy” held on January 12 at the ministry headquarters.

“Please actively perform your jobs with the spirit of solidarity and improve relations between the specialised units around the capital and provinces and prepare a clear information strategy to successfully and comprehensively give information in the responsibility of the knowledge and understanding of the people who can participate closely to receive public services effectively, efficiently and inclusively,” he said.

Sar Kheng, who is also the deputy prime minister, said that spokespersons for all ministries, institutions and specialised units around the capital and provinces have to cooperate to strengthen the quality and unity of information within the capital and provincial administrations in order to set up a single information gateway mechanism and release it through a single gateway.

“In the globalisation era, every product and service needs information to reach customers. However, we also need information disseminated to serve as a bridge to the people,” he added.

Sar Kheng observed that representatives from the ministries and the institutions at both the national and sub-national levels had made efforts to disseminate information within the framework of their units and through press conferences held by the Royal Government Spokesperson Unit. The dissemination of the information was intended to educate the people so that they know more about the government’s achievements and work.

He also encouraged all the ministries and institutions to make more efforts to communicate so that the people will know and understand more clearly the tasks of the government and the sub-national administrations.

Sar Kheng said he hoped that the spokespersons from all the ministries and the institutions will be committed to accomplishing their missions to protect the common interests of the nation and the peace, stability and development of the country.