The government has strengthened harmony between followers of all religions, while combating discrimination and nepotism among people of many different religions, said Interior Minister Sar Kheng.

Sar Kheng issued his comments as he presided over the inauguration of a new building at Maha Po Mongkul Pagoda on April 20 in Kanh Chriech district, Prey Veng province, according to a social media post by the Ministry of Interior.

“The strengthening of religious harmony aims to turn the potential of all religions into a force for economic and social development. It strengthens peace and solidarity, while preserving national traditions, educating people and improving moral standards. It also prevents the exploitation of religious beliefs,” he was quoted as saying.

He also reiterated his calls for all Cambodians who are registered voters to go to the polls and elect their leaders.

“To improve democracy, they must exercise their rights as citizens. Each of them is a master of the destiny of the nation,” he added.