Interior Minister Sar Kheng received Heinrich Schellenberg, secretary of state and Head of the Asia Pacific Division at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and newly appointed Swiss ambassador to Cambodia Pedro Zhahlen for talks on February 3.

During the meeting, Sar Kheng thanked the Swiss government for their support for Cambodia in projects as diverse as decentralisation, the health sector – including the Kantha Bopha hospital – and NGO law, among other fields.

The ministry said Sar Kheng also offered fond recollections of his 2016 official visit to Switzerland, during which he was able to learn about the Swiss model for decentralisation, some of which was applicable to the Kingdom.

During the meeting, Schellenberg informed the interior minister about several Swiss government funded development projects. He stressed the Swiss commitment to contributing to NGO law amendments, through consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The ministry said both sides also exchanged views on several topics, including planning for the July 23 national election, strengthening partnership between the government and NGOs and combating transnational crimes, including human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering.