Minister of Interior Sar Kheng requested that the United Kingdom provide additional support to Cambodia in the fight against cybercrime, because Cambodian law enforcement efforts in this area remain limited due to a lack of human resources.

The request came on August 18 when Sar Kheng met with outgoing British ambassador to Cambodia Tina Redshaw.

Following the meeting, the Ministry of Interior said in a social media post that she thanked Sar Kheng for always being supportive of British citizens who had encountered difficulties in Cambodia, especially regarding immigration issues and arranging for the consular officers at the British embassy to meet with people detained in Cambodian law enforcement custody.

The Facebook post noted that Redshaw told Sar Kheng about an inter-party forum as well as some other programmes which gave support to the development of Cambodia's human resources, especially for the National Police.

Sar Kheng thanked the outgoing ambassador for her support as well as her cooperation with the interior ministry, especially for training of the National Police force.

He said he considered this an important task because the ministry was working hard to enhance the quality and efficiency of the National Police in order to maintain security and public order.

“I would like to encourage more support from the UK, especially for the work against cybercrime. This assistance is important as human resources in this area of our police force remained limited,” the Facebook post said.

Sar Kheng added that enhancing the quality of human resources within the National Police was an important contribution to the fight against all types of transnational crime and this work is important and cannot be done by any country alone because it requires cooperation with countries in the region and around the world.

He said that relations between the two countries have continued to improve and that he is committed to furthering the efforts to contribute to the expansion of their relations.

Sar Kheng said that Cambodia will continue to work with the new British ambassador who will take over Redshaw's post.