Six Cambodian students have been awarded prestigious scholarships from the Singaporean government.

The Singapore embassy hosted an October 6 ceremony to celebrate the young scholars, who have been awarded the ASEAN Scholarship for the Academic Year 2024.

The programme provides an exceptional opportunity for outstanding young scholars from Cambodia and other ASEAN nations to pursue their studies in Singapore.

This year’s Cambodian recipients are Chan Mengmonichesda, Ung Helen, Houy Hollyvan, Kuy Kokwing, Ketyarath Sopanha, and Kim Channchesda.

Ambassador Teo Lay Cheng said that the awards were a testament to the students’ hard work, relentless pursuit of knowledge and determination to excel.

“To their parents, your unwavering support, sacrifices, and guidance have played a pivotal role in nurturing these brilliant young minds”, she added.

“The ASEAN Scholarship programme is an excellent example of Singapore’s steadfast belief in the importance of human capital development as means to a brighter future. This is a philosophy which Cambodia also shares,” she continued.

The scholarships, which extend over four years, cover educational from Secondary 3 to Pre-university 2 levels, ultimately culminating in the internationally recognised Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level certificate.

Ambassador Cheng called upon the students to give back to Cambodia and contribute to its growth when they complete their studies.

“As you commence your collective journey towards a bright future, I hope that you will remember to apply the knowledge and experience gained to serve your country when you return,” she said.

The guest-of-honour at the ceremony, Dy Samsideth, secretary-general of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports’ National Committee for Lifelong Learning, commended the students for their remarkable accomplishment.

He stressed the importance of such scholarships in nurturing Cambodia’s future leaders and fostering international cooperation.

The ceremony was also attended by Yeap Samnang, director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s General Department of ASEAN, and Men Chomnab, deputy director of the education ministry’s Department of Cultural Relations and Scholarships.