Eleven beaches out of 27 in Cambodia’s coastal areas were recognized by the 3rd Clean Beaches Competition, including six beaches rated excellent and five beaches rated good.

Mom Bovil, secretary in charge of monitoring and evaluation of beaches at the General Secretariat of the National Committee for Coastal Management and Development of Cambodia, said at the awards ceremony on December 8 that after the launch of the 3rd Clean Beaches Competition, the team in charge of monitoring and evaluating the beaches had inspected and evaluated 27 beaches in the coastal provinces of Cambodia, including in Kep’s six beaches, Koh Kong’s five beaches and Preah Sihanouk’s 16 beaches.

“As a result, we selected six beautiful beaches: Kep province with two beaches, the Kep and Koh Tonsay beaches. Preah Sihanouk has four beaches – Sokha, Ochheuteal, Otres and Paradise beaches,” he added.

Five beaches were classified as good: Koh Kong province’s Mangrove Beach and Preah Sihanouk’s Ek Reach, Sok San, Koh Rong and Prasat beaches.

“For any beaches that did not achieve a ranking, our team will plan and implement measures to immediately improve them and we will re-evaluate them in the next 3 months,” he continued.

Peah Sihanouk provincial deputy governor Nong Dinara said that he was very proud of his efforts to promote and develop tourism in the province and winning the award at this time.

“On this occasion, I am very proud of Sihanoukville and its four beaches. The beaches won the award for the beautiful beaches with the theme: ‘The beach of peace and hope,’” he added.