The Ministry of Women's Affairs is set to launch a digital campaign focused on the use of social media in preventing violence against women and girls.

The "Digital Campaign to Prevent Violence against Women and Girls" was announced on December 1 and is set to kick off on December 5 as part of a 16-day effort, from November 25 to December 10, to inform the public through the media and social media about the campaign's programme in order to mobilise participation in the campaign’s activities and work.

The digital campaign's messages will be shared on social media with slogans, custom profile pictures and community dialogue, according to the ministry.

Ministry undersecretary of state Bun Puthy said the media plays an important role in promoting and disseminating the 16-day campaign as it can help increase awareness, participation, prevention and response to gender-related violence in Cambodia.

Puthy said the government has put in place policies and actions to prevent violence and provide legal protections to women, and it has increased law enforcement efficiency. She called on the media to join the campaign to spread these issues to the public.

"Media plays an active role ... particularly through integrating awareness among people to end gender-based violence and encouraging a culture of non-violence," she said.

She added that the ministry's working group on gender violence has been active in nine provinces and 37 districts, while the joint working group stands by to help victims of violence who present for treatment at hospitals.

On November 25, minister Ing Kantha Phavi said that joint efforts to prevent gender-based violence and promote gender equality and empowering women and girls could only be achieved if everyone participated and increased their efforts to end all forms of violence.

"Joint efforts must focus on victims by providing essential services package such as psychological counselling, safe shelter and legal, social and health services as these are all effective approaches to end gender-based violence,” she said.