The Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, along with relevant institutions, are jointly committed to enhancing and expanding social services in Cambodia. They stated that the sector of social affairs, veterans, and youth rehabilitation is making significant progress and achieving remarkable results.

World Social Work Day 2023, with the theme "Respecting diversity through joint social action," was celebrated on May 31 by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Nim Thot, secretary of state at the Ministry, explained the day aimed to acknowledge the accomplishments of social work in improving social services, fostering social development, and meeting the practical needs of victims and vulnerable individuals in society.

"We celebrated World Social Work Day 2023 this time to promote changes and social development work, social solidarity, and expand the rights and freedom of people, as well as to highlight the joint responsibility for social work. This social work is essential to connect with diversity and ensure social justice," he added.

Thot emphasized that the sector has been progressing and achieving new milestones through the implementation of policies and national programs, especially the National Social Protection Policy Framework for victims and vulnerable individuals.

Additionally, the Ministry of Social Affairs has established the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) for former civil servants and veterans, as well as the social assistance program for vulnerable individuals.

He stated the Ministry is dedicated to improving social work, service delivery, skill training, and the social service workforce to provide social services more efficiently and effectively.

Hong Reaksmey, Country Director of Save the Children, stated the social work sector has carried out various tasks in providing care services to the vulnerable over the past few years. Save the Children, as a partner, is also committed to strengthening the social service workforce in Cambodia and worldwide to ensure inclusive social change.

Soeurng Sambath, head of the Association of Professional Social Workers of Cambodia (APSWC), expressed the aspiration for the sector to become an ethical and supportive profession in Cambodia.

He highlighted social workers as positive catalysts and reiterated the commitment to promoting the social affairs sector to create a positive society for vulnerable individuals and victims in Cambodia.

During World Social Work Day 2023, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced the current government has introduced and implemented a national social protection policy to enhance well-being and alleviate poverty in Cambodian society. Furthermore, the Ministry has been implementing a case transfer program for pregnant women, mothers of two-year-old babies, and poor and vulnerable individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ministry is also organising a family package program to boost the Cambodian family economy, which will be launched soon.