The Police Academy of Cambodia and the Central Police Academy of South Korea have signed their second Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The agreement seeks to enhance educational, cultural and other opportunities in the education and training of newly recruited police officers, which will contribute to ensuring the safety of the citizens of both countries.

The signing ceremony of the agreement, titled “Cooperation and Mutual Exchange between the Central Police Academy of Korea and the Police Academy of Cambodia”, was held between Ek Monosen, president of the Cambodian academy, and Yi Jae-yong, his South Korean counterpart on October 17, during the latter’s official visit to the Kingdom.

Monosen offered a warm welcome to the South Korean delegation. He thanked the leadership of the Korean academy for their excellent cooperation with their Cambodian counterparts.

According to a social media post by the Police Academy of Cambodia, the MoU will not only enhance educational opportunities for newly recruited police officers, but will also include joint research projects and exchanges of students, instructors and senior officials from both signatories.

“Both sides are committed to the effective implementation of the new MoU, and to further strengthening excellent bilateral international cooperation between the two police academies into the future,” it said.