South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT have expressed interest in enhancing cooperation between Korean digital companies and those in Cambodia, in order to support digital business development in the Kingdom.

The interest was expressed during a June 8 meeting between Minister of Post and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth and Kim Jongkap, general director of South Korean government-funded Born2Global, under the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications said on June 10 that Jongkap expressed his gratitude to Vandeth for meeting with his team, and updating them on the overall status of digital development and business in Cambodia. He said he was interested in encouraging Korean digital companies to partner with Cambodian firms.

Vandeth briefed the visiting delegation on the development of the Kingdom’s digital field, and the achievements of the ministry.

He noted that the ministry has implemented several initiatives, including the establishment of a Community Tech Centre, as well as a competition for outstanding digital students – the Digital Talents contest.

He appreciated the expression of interest from the visiting South Koreans and looked forward to the opportunity for both sides to promote digital business and development in Cambodia.