The Cambodian Senate has signed a $10 million humanitarian assistance agreement with South Korea over four years to improve the living standards of the Cambodian people.

The 10th commission of the Senate signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Global Life-Saving Fund of South Korea to provide the assistance.

The signing ceremony was held on August 4 at the Senate library workshop in the presence of second-deputy president of the Senate, Tep Ngon.

Kim Jung Nam, head of the Global Life-Saving Fund of South Korea, said that the MoU between the Global Life-Saving Fund of South Korea and the Senate will deliver $10 million humanitarian assistance in the form of medical equipment and other materials over four years. The Global Life-Saving Fund will provide benefits to improve the lives of Cambodians.

He added that having received a formal letter from the Senate in November 2021, the Global Life-Saving Fund had organised the first shipment of aid to Cambodia in April, 2022.

Mam Buneang, head of the 10th commission of the Senate, said that the Senate was ready to cooperate with the Global Life-Saving Fund to bring its humanitarian assistance to the state institutions and people who really need it in an accountable, transparent and effective manner.

He added that under the MoU, the Global Life-Saving Fund will deliver humanitarian assistance to Cambodia in the form of medical equipment and other daily necessities from August, 2022 to December, 2025.

The humanitarian assistance will be tailored to meet the needs of the people in both urban and rural areas.

He said that after the MoU expired, the Global Life-Saving Fund would likely renew it to deliver more humanitarian assistance to improve the quality of life of the Cambodian people.