The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology warned on March 14 that the effects of the Indian low pressure front and some low pressure areas in the region will cause rainfall, strong winds and thunderstorms in the central lowlands and plains of northwestern Cambodia.

Citing a weather forecast for March 16-22, meteorology department director Um Rina told The Post that Cambodia will experience medium-to-low pressure effects in some places.

“Given the above situation, some provinces in the central lowlands and some in the northwest will receive low-to-medium rainfall, thunder, lightning and strong winds, so extra caution is required,” he said.

He added that throughout the week, the low temperatures are expected to be 24-27C with high temperatures of 34-36C.

However, from March 19-21, the high temperature will drop slightly in some parts of the central lowlands of the Dangrek Mountains and the northeastern plateau – especially the coastal and northwestern provinces – to around 32-34C with increased rainfall in other parts of the country.

Rina appealed to farmers to continue to use water economically despite the predicted rainfall to avoid risks that could arise later in the year during the hot and dry seasons.

“We normally face the problem of water shortages in the dry season for the agriculture sector because the weather in the dry season is very hot with very little rain.

“This is why we still have to use the water economically,” he said.

Prok Eth, a resident of Monkolg Borei district, said he had dug a pond in the middle of his 2ha field used for growing dry-season rice and expected to harvest his rice in April.

He said if there is rain this week as forecast by the ministry, that would help him grow other kinds of crops and his dry season rice would also give a good yield.