A large amount of illegal luxury timber was impounded by Stung Treng provincial Forestry Administration officials on April 26 after it was discovered in a forest in the province’s Sen Chey district.

Authorities are investigating the whereabouts of the owner.

Provincial Forestry Administration official Orn Chansocheat said on April 27 that the timber had been impounded and held at the forestry administration after being seized in the district’s O’Svay commune Rithy Sen Chey I village in Borei O’Svay.

“We do not know the quantity and type of the timber because no data has yet been received,” he said, adding that during the operation the owner could not be found.

“However, for the next step, we will issue a notice so that the owner can confess. If the owner still does not make an appearance, we will take legal action and build a case for court,” Chansocheat said.

Provincial deputy military commander Duong Vichet who cooperated in the operation said that he had assigned police to inspect the site with forestry administrative officials. After the inspection, no correct documents about the timber were found.

“After inspection, the timber was found to be illegal. We coordinated with the provincial court prosecutor and decided to impound the wood at the provincial forestry administration,” he said, adding that according to one estimate, there is more than 100 cubic metres of timber, including wood accessories and planks.