The Swiss government has reiterated its commitment to collaborate with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training to bolster technical instruction aimed at enhancing the skills of Cambodian youth.

This announcement was made during an October 9 meeting between labour minister Heng Sour and Swiss ambassador Pedro Zwahlen, held at the ministry’s headquarters.

Zwahlen pledged ongoing support for the initiative, according to a ministry Facebook post.

“The Swiss government remains committed to assisting Cambodia, particularly with eco-friendly vocational schooling in the north-east region, focusing on air conditioner repair, electrical installations, motorcycle maintenance and bricklaying,” he stated.

Sour expressed gratitude towards Switzerland for aiding the capacity building of the country’s younger generation to secure decent employment since 2017 via the National Employment Agency (NEA).

Kong Samneang, president of the Federation of Education Services, commended the strengthening ties between the two nations.

“This cooperation is beneficial as core teachers, once trained, disseminate knowledge at provincial, district and commune levels, broadening the impact,” he stated.

He emphasised the importance of collective participation, both national and international, to successfully promote skill development in the country. He also urged the ministry to seek further external partnerships to stimulate economic growth.

Besides enhancing technical cooperation, representatives from both countries have agreed to continue discussions on a draft law concerning vocational instruction for the Kingdom, following a recent agreement signed between the two parties.

The dialogue also included an exchange of experiences on technical training, vital for the economic production chain within the context of the countries’ bilateral relationship.