Takeo provincial governor Ouch Phea announced that the provincial administration intends to build more transport infrastructure.

“Road network links will contribute to a reduction in poverty and stimulate provincial economic growth,” he said at a March 2 press conference on the province's achievements of the past five years.

Phea added that authorities have rehabilitated Takeo’s transport infrastructure, with their focus mainly on building, repairing and maintaining roads.

“The public and rural development sectors are at the core of our province’s development, in line with the government's vision for economic growth, so the construction of these roads is necessary,” he said.

“Without these roads, the agricultural output of the province cannot be transported to markets. This is the main reason for our efforts,” he added.

Phea said the province now has 41 national and provincial roads, spanning over 722km, including six highways.

Nop Ny, director of the provincial Department of Public Works and Transport, said that thanks to the provincial administration’s efforts, 282 roads have been built in the past five years.

“Although we have made remarkable achievements, we will put more effort into strengthening our close cooperation with local and international organisations, as well as the private sector, in order to further develop Takeo's transport infrastructure,” he added.