The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has announced the launch of the “Go Digital Cambodia” website as part of Cambodia's future digital government policy, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to the public on October 26.

The telecommunications ministry said in a statement: “In order to promote the development of digital knowledge and the effective use of digital systems in daily life the ministry has organised the Go Digital Cambodia program in line with the “Digital Government of Cambodia Policy 2022-2035.”

Through the programme, the telecommunications ministry has established, a hub for gathering information, data and digital knowledge, including online security, digital tools, social media platforms, online shopping and financial technology portals.

“The public can search for the latest information related to the digital transformation in Cambodia and can participate in initiatives to promote the economic development of the inclusive digital economy and society in Cambodia,” the ministry said.

In addition to announcing the “Go Digital Cambodia” website, the ministry has been engaged in the production of online video content. The ministry added that to help the creative video content producers of the Kingdom develop their industry, they have organised a competition to produce educational video content on two topics: "One day in the digital world" and "Keeping Facebook accounts secure".

For the first topic, entrants are required to prepare video content to share their experiences with the use of digital tools and applications that are useful for their studies or daily work. For the second topic, candidates are required to prepare a video content on the various ways a person can secure their Facebook account and make it resistant to hacking attempts.

“The three videos with the highest scores for each topic will receive prizes from the ministry of one million to four million riel. Winners will also have the opportunity to become educational content producers for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and will be invited to panel discussion with a representative from Facebook in Cambodia,” the ministry added.