Another three former employees of NagaWorld Integrated Resort have accepted the payment offered to end their employment dispute with company, according to a February 4 press release from of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.

The three raise the number of former employees who have accepted settlements to 265 out of 373. 108 are still refusing to accept the proposed resolution.

“The ministry’s National Employment Agency (NEA) is prepared to help the three search for new employment,” said the press release.

Compensation for the laid off employees – in the form of severance pay, termination of their employment contracts and assistance in finding new jobs – is available for each of them.

Some former NagaWorld employees requested that Minister of Interior Sar Kheng intervene on their behalf, as they believed the redundancies were unjust.

Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC) president Ath Thorn said that as the protests of the past few months have not yielded results, some former employees had suffered from economic crises and were left with no choice but to accept the compensation on offer.

“Some of them accepted this compromise because they could not endure the economic effects of such a long protest,” he added.

The former NagaWorld employees have been staging the protests since April 9, 2021, when NagaWorld announced plans to lay off 1,329 employees, citing financial losses during the Covid-19 pandemic.