Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Dith Tina has advised the Preah Vihear Meanchey Union Agricultural Cooperative to play closer attention to value chains.

He suggests that they carefully prepare a plan to promote the sale of their organic rice, with a focus on highlighting its high quality so that they would be competitive in the market.

An agriculture ministry social media post detailed his May 25 visit to the co-op in Pahal commune’s Aekakpheap village of Preah Vihear town.

In addition to his advice regarding a sales plan, he also suggested that they design attractive packaging which clearly showed the trademark and origin of their rice.

He said the co-op should cooperate to place national interest ahead of any other goals, through the strengthening of quality control and supply chains. This way, they would boost exports, increase their income and improve the efficiency and growth of the sector.

He added that the ministry will support the farmers’ efforts to improve production, and recommended that local agricultural authorities familiarise themselves with the most effective production techniques.

On the same day, Tina also met with the leaders and officials of Siem Reap province’s Teuk Vil Agricultural Research Station.

He advised the provincial agriculture department to prepare a provincial agricultural policy in line with the strategies laid out by the ministry.

He also called for closer attention to research and the promotion of high-quality, safe crops, without over-production, noting that this could lead to reduced prices.