Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol said that the ministry, relevant authorities and stakeholders are discussing a ban of the import of used vehicles which are ‘too old’.

He encouraged the use of new vehicles, especially electric vehicles (EV), which contribute to environmental harm reduction.

Chanthol hinted at the ban while speaking to reporters after attending the launch of a vehicle inspection centre near Samrong Andeth pagoda in the capital’s Sen Sok district on April 21.

“The ministries of public works, environment, economy and finance, will work together to see how old secondhand vehicles must be before they are banned from being imported. We are evaluating whether to ban those are 10, 15 or 17 years old,” he said.

He encouraged road users to opt for EVs, noting that some of them are cheaper than second hand imported cars with internal combustion engines.

“The number of EVs in the Kingdom is increasing from one year to another. We are also motivating investors to install more charging station across the country,” he added.

According to Chanthol, there are currently 13 EV charging stations. His ministry is working to establish more of them for public use.