The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) has assured mobile phone users that there is no risk of their bank accounts being compromised through a deluge of anonymous calls from overseas flooding local networks, as suggested on social media.

Issued on Friday, the statement said many mobile phone users have reported missing phone calls from unknown international numbers over the past week, specifically from Samoa.

It noted that people have taken to Facebook to warn others that the calls could be linked to attempts to access their bank accounts, a claim dismissed by the TRC.

It said the only way the calls could lead to a loss of money is if the mobile phone user returns the call. This would lead to charges from their local carrier, the TRC said. Otherwise, it said, no charges could be assigned, and there is no risk of having information stolen.

TRC spokesperson Im Vutha said on Sunday that rumours of the calls being linked to bank account intrusions are false.

“The TRC and all telecommunication operators who are operating telecommunications services in Cambodia are protecting the interests of users, and will not allow this to affect users,” Vutha said.

Im Sothy, a technology specialist and executive director of the Youth Council of Cambodia, supported the TRC’s statement.

He said the calls have never been linked to any bank account intrusion or loss of money.

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