Minister of Labour and Vocational Training Ith Sam Heng urged union leaders to help protesting workers find solutions through peaceful means based on common interests instead of blocking public roads and resorting to violence. He said such action only affects national interests.

Sam Heng made the call on June 25 during a ceremony to inaugurate Suong Huot as president of the Union Alliance Chambers Cambodia (NACC). Huot replaces Som Oun, who has been appointed as secretary of state for the labour ministry.

Sam Heng said that over the years, some unions had caused social disorder, chaos, insecurity and obstructed business activities and works of other people through protests and road blockages.

“As unions, they have to respect the rights and common interests of workers, not just those of a small group of people or individuals. They must base their action on the law in order to ensure good relations with the owners of factories and enterprises,” he said.

“The labour ministry is a partner and we open our doors to provide services and cooperation with all relevant parties,” he said.

He expects that Huot, who takes over as NACC president for its third mandate, will make good achievements for the sake of workers.