The Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh announced that a team of visiting doctors from the US will be offering specialised consultations and treatment from January 21-25.

The five-day service will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids, abscesses, goiter and cosmetic surgery for damage to hands and faces, according to the hospital’s January 17 notice. Laparoscopic surgery will also be offered.

Consultations will take place at the outpatient ward from 8-11:30am and again from 2-5pm on each of the five days.

Ngy Meng, director of the hospital, told The Post that about 10 US specialist doctors will collaborate with his staff to provide the services. They will each bring specialist medical equipment and medicine which is not available in the Kingdom.

“The treatment will be free to the poor. National Social Security Fund members are also eligible for check-ups,” he said.

“Some surgeries will not be performed immediately – it will depend on the diagnosis by the consulting doctor,” he noted.

Meng said each of the visitors is an experienced and qualified medical professional in their home country and not trainee doctors or medical students.

Besides offering an opportunity for Cambodians to access treatment, the cooperation would give the local medics a chance to exchange experience with their US counterparts.

“The sharing of experiences and techniques will be beneficial to all of us. In some areas, we have more experience than they do, and in others they are more capable than we are. They are coming to learn from us and we will learn from them too,” he said.

Meng called on any members of the public who suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions to come for a consultation.

The hospital is also currently hosting a team of Australian eye specialists, who are offering treatment from January 16 to 20.

Separately on January 16, it received a donation of $100,000, 10,000 boxes of masks and 1,000 boxes of traditional Chinese medicine from Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk.