The National Museum of Cambodia, in collaboration with the Apsara National Authority (ANA), will host an online lecture on “Cultural Heritage along the Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong River” on September 9.

Themed “Water and Khmer Civilisation”, the lecture will be delivered by Im Sokrithy, director of the ANA’s Department of Research, Training and Communication.

“I will speak about the places we live and our annual traditions associated with water during the rainy season – like flood prevention through ceremonies. I want to address water-related traditions that still play an important role in Khmer society. We want them to know how important water is in Khmer civilisation,” he said.

Sokrithy added that he would not just focus on how water is used for drinking or farming, but how closely it is associated with Khmer civilisation. He wishes to present the traditions and customs in the daily lives of the Khmer people that are related to water, as well as the history of urbanisation, land management and housing related to water.

He also intends to discuss examples of town planning from ancient times until the present.

According to an official notice, the lecture will begin at 2:30pm through the museum’s official Facebook page.