World Vision International (Cambodia) has launched a series of eight videos designed to highlight the importance of creating positive childhood memories, and commitment to non-violent parenting techniques.

New generation caregivers: experiences and childhood memories was launched on January 13 in Phnom Penh, and featured four content creators: Duch Lida, Duong Mana, Van Mao Zolinda (Linda Vee) and Teang Engleang (Kai).

“The videos are in support of a campaign to end violence against children,” it said in a press release.

The videos had been shared widely via social media, as part of the long-running global Non-Violent Model Campaign. At present, 87 nations are participating. Cambodia joined the campaign in 2017.

The campaign was intended to change the attitudes of parents, guardians and teachers, so they no longer punish children physically or by belittling them. It aimed to give children courage, resilience and advocacy. Additionally, it intended to strengthen children protection mechanisms at the grass roots level.

Chhim Ratana, chair of the Cambodian part of the campaign, said violence against children was still occurring in the country, so the campaign remained necessary.

She requested that relevant partners, artists and the public take part in the Non-Violent Model Campaign and embrace positive changes in attitudes towards educating and bringing up children.

“These videos will help raise awareness among the public of bringing up children positively, and of the importance of positive inter-generation relationships. We want to develop the closer relationships between caregivers and children,” she said.

Ratana added that World Vision Cambodia has implemented many programmes regarding the protection of children. By the end of 2022, she estimated that the organisation had positively affected the lives of over 300,000 Cambodian children.

Actress Duong Mana, who plays the role of a mother in one of the videos, said that raising children in a violence-free environment is of vital importance.

“I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to participate in this campaign. I believe that positive education and loving parenting are two of the keys to making sure children grow up to have successful futures,” she added.

The performer known as Kai said that despite having no experience of parenting, he understood that caregivers should start to change their attitudes and encourage positive methods of educating and disciplining their children, as this would make sure they develop fond childhood memories.

“In my family, we were lucky enough to have open discussions and plenty of laughter. I want to follow in my parents’ footsteps. I would like everyone to experience a childhood as supportive and positive as mine was,” he added.