Cambodian youths need to strengthen their knowledge of technology if they are to compete in the labour market and participate in national development in the digital era, said the Ministry of Interior’s Department of Information Technology.

The department said Cambodia needs to involve government agencies, the private sector and all Cambodians through training to achieve a digital society.

On its Facebook page on May 29, the department wrote that training should focus on human resources to achieve the goals set out in its action plan.

The department said youth should increase their understanding of technology to improve skills and keep up with developments in the country as well as the region. It advised Cambodian students to work hard to improve their knowledge of technology.

“Cambodian youth should continue to study hard to strengthen their knowledge of foreign languages and to continue to participate in community development by sharing knowledge and experience,” the department said.

Advocacy and Policy Institute director Lam Socheat told The Post on May 30 that today’s technology is very important in solving future problems, especially national development.

He said in this context, young Cambodians have not yet fully used technology to meet the needs of the country.

Socheat said the government also has not used technology to fully develop some sectors such as agriculture and tourism.

He said promotion and training of human resources to study and research technology to develop the country is necessary.

“In this era, at the same time as Covid-19, the use of e-government technology should be official and become the mainstream of people’s education,” Socheat said.

He said young Cambodians are vital to the country’s economy because two-thirds of the nation’s youth are under the age of 30, adding that this is the Kingdom’s potential.