On July 8, the Cambodian Democratic Student Intellectual Federation (CDSIF) commenced training for nearly 2,500 participants who will act as national observers for the upcoming general election on July 23.

An additional ten participants will function as mobile observers.

The training session took place at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, with 400 members of the Student Association of the National University of Management among the attendees. This initiative is aptly named "Eyes for Justice".

Keat Raingsey, deputy secretary general of CDSIF, highlighted that the association has consistently been active in overseeing elections in Cambodia, from the campaign period to the vote tallying process.

The National Election Committee (NEC) announced that over 80,000 observers from more than 100 domestic and international non-governmental organisations have registered for the upcoming election.

According to the NEC, the registration for international observers remains open until July 12, while local observer registration concludes on July 19.