The Cambodia women’s wheelchair basketball team is determined to make history as they set their sights on winning gold medals in both the 3x3 and 5x5 events at the 12th ASEAN Para Games, which the Kingdom will be hosting from June 3-9.

The men’s team, despite their disappointing performance in the 11th ASEAN Para Games in Indonesia, is also eager to secure a gold medal for the nation.

Coach Muy Seu expressed confidence in the teams during a recent statement on May 30. “As the host of the ASEAN Para Games for the first time, our men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball teams are fully prepared in terms of techniques, materials, physical strength and spirit,” he said.

Additionally, Seu emphasised the women team’s determination to win gold medals in both events. “As the host, our goal is to maintain the gold medal in the 3x3 event, while also achieving gold in the 5x5 event, where we previously won a silver medal,” he explained.

In the previous edition of the ASEAN Para Games in Solo, Indonesia, Cambodian women’s basketball team defeated their Thai opponents 7-5 in the final round to secure the gold medal in the 3x3 event. However, in the 5x5 final round, Team Cambodia lost to Thailand with a score of 50-39, settling for a silver medal.

Despite their previous success, the Cambodian women’s basketball team still considers Thailand a formidable opponent in this year’s ASEAN Para Games. They intend to thoroughly study their opponents’ weaknesses as well as their own team’s shortcomings in order to better prepare for the competition.

Coach Seu expressed confidence, stating: “We have addressed our weaknesses by enhancing our technical and physical strength, particularly mental strength. We have fulfilled these aspects, and that’s why I believe we have an 85 per cent chance of winning the gold medal. The remaining 15 per cent relies on our women athletes’ intelligence during the actual game, which I have already taught them.”

Looking at the men’s basketball team, coach Seu commended their disciplined and ethical play during the previous ASEAN Para Games in Indonesia. He has high hopes for both men’s and women’s teams, pushing them to achieve medal-winning performances. “I have given my all to ensure our teams win gold medals for the nation because that is my ultimate goal,” he affirmed.

Seu further expressed his pride in leading the team and extended his gratitude to the government for providing financial support and necessary resources for people with disabilities to participate in the upcoming games.

Sem Kimsour, who will be competing in the 5x5 event, acknowledged the challenges they faced in preparing for the ASEAN Para Games due to limited practice time on the playing field. However, he reassured that their preparations were more substantial compared to the Games in Indonesia in 2022.

“In Solo, I didn’t have enough technique and training time, but this time around, our team has made significant progress. We are committed to winning a medal as this is the first ASEAN Para Games held in our country,” he stated.

While winning any medal is deemed acceptable, Kimsour emphasised the team’s determination to secure gold, urging their compatriots to support and encourage them throughout the ASEAN Para Games, similar to the enthusiasm witnessed during the recently concluded 32nd SEA Games in Phnom Penh.