The Ju-Jitsu Federation of Cambodia (JJFC) has announced pricing and availability details for its in-demand rashguard ju-jitsu shirts.

The shirts are replicas of those worn by the federation’s athletes at the 32nd SEA Games, including international star Jessa Khan.

The shirts feature a design by the creative team at Chifumi, which was based on ancient carvings of a classic rear-naked chokehold which can be seen on the Angkor Wat’s east walls.

Initially, a limited run of the shirts was made specifically for the Team Cambodia athletes that fought at the games, but public demand was such that it was decided to produce an additional run.

Each shirt is priced at $35. Current stock is available at two locations: the KIRI Ju-Jitsu Club near Tuol Tompoung and the Kingdom Fight Gym behind the Royal Palace. All profits will go to the development of the sport in Cambodia.

JJFC vice-president Jasper Paas said that just 50 or 60 of the unique shirts were printed ahead of the games.

“We expect that the new shirts may take up to three weeks to arrive,” he said.

He explained that while the price may seem high, the shirts are of high quality and the profits will all be used to promote the growth of the Kingdom’s international athletes and the expansion of the sport in Cambodia.

“All the proceeds will go to the ju-jitsu federation, which will help to develop our international competitiveness, so we can earn better results in the future,” he said.