The Kun Khmer Federation (KKF) is cooperating with the International Professional Combat Council (IPCC) to jointly develop and promote Cambodian kickboxing around the world.

The IPCC is a large international institution with more than 100 member countries and a focus on promoting and organising events for specific sports.

For the cooperation, the IPCC received a certificate from the KKF on July 15, 2023, giving it full rights to advance the Cambodian martial art worldwide.

The IPCC can organise and promote Cambodian kickboxing events in all member countries in accordance with the official rules and regulations of Kun Khmer.

KKF president Tem Moeun said both the sport and the Kingdom would gain a lot from working with the IPCC.

“Cambodia will benefit greatly from the cooperation with the IPCC to promote traditional Kun Khmer on the international stage as the sport rapidly gains interest and popularity.

“The main purpose is to present the reputation and identity of Kun Khmer to the world through the IPCC, while letting more people know about Cambodia’s culture and traditions.

“IPCC experts will come to Cambodia for educating on Kun Khmer, especially visiting Angkor Wat to learn about its ancient roots,” Moeun said on July 18.

IPCC collaborated with Town TV to organise the IPCC Kun Khmer World Championship in Cambodia, while the Techo Santepheap Kun Khmer World Champion event on July 16 broke records with its more than 500,000 live viewers.

KKF representative in Cambodia and adviser to Town Group Kim Srun Kosal said the IPCC had already begun promoting Kun Khmer on the international stage with high-profile events.

“And now the Kun Khmer Federation has been officially recognised by the IPCC and is able to officially use the name ‘Kun Khmer’ internationally, it can expand its scope.

“In addition, if the KKF wants to organise a Kun Khmer Championship in any country, the IPCC – with its large network and ready structures in place for organising events – can facilitate this,” Kosal said.