The Cambodian Kun Lbokator Federation is strengthening the capacity of coaches and technical officials for them to promote the martial art overseas after it enjoyed a successful showing at the 32nd SEA Games.

The Cambodian Kun Lbokator team won eight gold, seven silver and three bronze medals at the regional biennial multi-sports event, heaping further renown on the martial art across the region and beyond.

“Kun Lbokator, competed in a SEA Games for the first time, recorded great results for Cambodia as the host country, while the nations that sent athletes to compete in it also achieved good results.

“We have seen Vietnam show interest in Kun Lbokator, as well as Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Laos,” said Ou Dara, deputy secretary-general of the Cambodia Kun Bokator Federation.

At the SEA Games 2023, Vietnam claimed six gold and three bronze medals, taking second place behind host country Cambodia.

Indonesia came third with three gold, five silver and 12 bronze medals, while the Philippines won two gold, six silver and eight bronze.

Myanmar earned one gold, two silver and six bronze medals, with Laos bagging one gold, one silver and 10 bronze to ensure all the participating countries returned home with gold medals.

Dara said that having taken part in Kun Lbokator at the SEA Games, competing nations had shown strengths as well as weaknesses, so it is necessary for them to further develop their technical levels.

“As we have identified strengths and weaknesses across all competing countries, plans have been introduced to further develop technical levels.

“Malaysia, Singapore and Timor-Leste have also shown interest in competing in Kun Lbokator after the SEA Games,” he said.

“We hope that all ASEAN countries will in future compete together in Kun Lbokator, which will make it easier for us to further strengthen technical levels in the region, and then across the world,” he added.

Kun Lbokator was officially inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO on November 29, 2022.

With plans to promote Kun Lbokator to the world, the Cambodian Kun Lbokator Federation is soon to send two technical officials to India.

“We will further strengthen the skills of our technical coaches to promote Kun Lbokator overseas.

“We are sending technical officials Vi Dara and Kong Polipin to India to promote the martial art and prepare the forming of an association there. They are set to leave Cambodia shortly,” Dara said.